Yamashita have always made great jigs that catch squid. What I really like about their range is the variety of colours and various bases/foils that they offer with a number of cloth colourings to go with them. They also have a great variety of sizes and sink rates. This model itself is offered in three sizes and sink rates. The Egi Oh range itself is massive and you can get everything from standard silver, gold and red bases through to rainbow, glow, pink, orange, clear and keimura/UV. They have a jig to suit every application and a very handy website that is great for showing you what conditions you should apply each jig to.

One stand alone model in their Egi Oh Q Live range is a purple base with a purple cloth.  I had never seen or used a squid jig of this colour combination but I have always been a fan of purple lures. Whether trolling for pelagic species and running purple lures in the prop wash or casting hard bodied lures for trout in dirty water or low light, I have always been a fan of purple lures. Purple and black lures stand out and provide a strong silhouette in low-light or murky waters and are therefore a necessary colour to have in your arsenal of squid jigs. Perusing the Yamashita website I noticed that the purple jig has been designed to use in dirty water, low light and when the squid are a little finicky. All these conditions were conducive to Port Phillip Bay at the time of testing so I was keen to see how effective this lure would be, I was also a little shocked that of all the squid jigs I owned, I didn’t really have anything like it.

I was using a 3.5 size in standard sink rate and fishing in about 3-4 metres of water. It takes about ten seconds for this jig to reach the bottom at this depth and drops nicely. It responds with a great action when jigged aggressively or lightly jerked. Conditions were tough with surrounding boats not having any luck and the other two fishermen on the rocks next to me catching nothing. On my third cast I was successful and the squid really did aggressively attack the jig. I unfortunately lost the jig on my next cast and proceeded to fish with some lighter coloured jigs and caught nothing else and neither did anyone else. These jigs have a great action, sink rate and the whole series offers you a large variety of colour, size, sink rate and foils. I think that the Purple is a great addition to any keen squid anglers tackle tray, you can use it at night, in murky conditions and when the squid aren’t all that active. A great action and excellent colour combination.



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