The Yamashita DD Spider is a new squid jig designed to serve the specific purpose of catching squid in deep water and strong current. The body of the jig is much the same as a standard Yamashita squid jig, but the head and weight of the jig differ greatly. A separate lead head that incorporates the weight is attached in  one piece to the body. The head has large fly like eyes and the tow point sits on top rather than at the nose. The DD Spider is heavy and designed for deep water. The extra weight and top mounted tow-point dramatically differs the action of the spider to that of normal weighted jigs, the Spider shoots down nose first and does not sink horizontally or at 45 degrees. The two jigs I was given for review were 30 and 40gram in weight; to put this into perspective the average 3.5 size squid jig weighs about 20gram, so it’s quite the difference. In order to effectively catch squid it’s important that your jig hits the bottom where the squid are feeding and waiting for it to sink can be quite frustrating, this is not an issue with the DD Spider as the heavy weight greatly battles strong current and gets your jig into the strike zone fast and efficiently. When using the Spider it’s important to remember that it’s designed for deep water and is best used out of a drifting boat or kayak, the idea is to drop the jig to the bottom, wind up with a series of slight lifts and allow the jig to hold deep and drift with the current and the boat.

The jig is designed to be fished in anywhere from 5 to 30 meters. On the day of testing we were fishing in 10-12 meters in a slow moving current and the DD accounted for multiple squid captures. The most fun part of the technique was bringing the squid up from the depths with a much heavier jig, the fight is much harder and on your typical light squid gear provides greater pulsating runs and a longer fight, it also accounts for consistently larger squid.  This technique is very easy to carry out and the biggest challenge for the angler is finding ground in deep water where squid are holding. The DD spider is also a great jig to have in your tackle tray for waters that aren’t necessarily deep but have strong current flow. Although the Spider is twice as heavy as your standard jig, you don’t need to use a heavier rod to fish it. The technique when using the spider is just slight lifts and jerks as opposed to the aggressive jigging technique used when fishing standard jigs, so no need to buy a new rod when you purchase a few of these. Next time your favourite shallow squid grounds aren’t producing the goods I suggest you head out deep and have a go with one of these.












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