I recently managed to grab myself the slimy mackerel colour pattern in the new Yamashita Silky Thread Egi Sutte R range. I really wanted the king George whiting model as well but at the time there were only a few in the country and I was happy with my slimy, I would be the only guy in Melbourne with one and everyone was talking about these two Australian range colours. This series of the new silky thread Sutte R range is made in a limited run and no one knows as yet if they will re-release them again anytime soon. The Silky Thread differs from the standard Sutte R range by not having a rough cloth and finished in a well…a silky thread.

To fish with it presents much the same as a standard Sutte R with a good angle when sinking and a nice sharp darting action when retrieved.  It may be slightly more hydro-dynamic due to the silky cloth but nothing I noticed. I managed to catch five squid for the day on the slimy all in deep water and although small in size that was five out of ten on what was a very quiet day on the squid.

Clearly this jig catches squid but I don’t think that it’s necessarily because the squid are fooled into thinking they are seeing an injured slimy mackerel. I believe the slimy works really well as the mottled scale pattern of the slimy is realistic and these shadings are visible to a squid. The Sutte R series all have a great glow body which I’ve always found aids in capture and the lures colourings provide a good contrast. The other important factor about this new range that has colour patterns that imitate local prey that Australian squid feed on is angler confidence. People often speak of “lures catching fishermen” but what is more important about a lure that catches a fisherman’s eye is their will to persist with it, and I think this what this new range offers; angler confidence. Aside from all this they are a quality jig and one for the angler that just loves buying new lures or those that want a jig they can be confident will catch them squid.




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