Late last year we reviewed the Warlock Pro Series 52mm. This was a great little lure that turned out to be dynamite on bass and trout. The obvious evolution of the lure that originated as a barra lure at 125mm was to take it down a size further and have a Warlock that could successfully target bream. While the 52mm in some instances can and has caught bream, a smaller size was a necessity not only for angler confidence but it now better replicates prey bream are more likely to feed on. There is a lot to like about this lure and the range. The black-nickel finish VMC hooks are a great addition that adds to the finesse presentation and the new colour range has been well thought out. The 15 available colours suit every application you can think of with black lures for dirty water, transparent for those clear days and three trout patterns as well. The finish is excellent being quite scratch resistant and the holographic paint jobs are outstanding. Another great feature is they have managed to use a plastic for the bib that is very clear, not cloudy which can deter fish.


Whilst the pro series has modern lure design principles, it also has that old school feel with painted eyes and a simple yet effective body shape. The pro series has been giving large red and white painted eyes that sit a top of the head as opposed to the original and larger models that had lady-like eyes on the side with long lashes. It’s also an original shape as the Warlock isn’t really a minnow or a crank bait but a whole new design altogether. It’s almost a hybrid of both mixed in with a yabby imitation.

Casting a three gram lure is never easy with a breeze but the 39mm casts quite well considering. It has the same head down wobble with a big kick that the larger models have and is great for slow rolling along weed beds in waters of one metre in depth. To test the Warlock I did just that and found that the bream would hit it after a slow retrieve on the pause as it rose. These lures float very well and the bib allows them to reach depth relatively quickly which is important when casting at submerged snags. They have a light rattle that adds to the finesse of the lure and they are quite snag proof.


The Warlock has proven itself in five vastly different sizes and on a multitude of species. It’s a great design that will be around for many years and it’s a great thing that bream anglers can now cast the same lure that the barra and bass guys do.


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