JJ’s Stumpjumper is an Australian fishing icon. This lure has been successfully catching fish for decades due to its great action, simple design and ability to get over snags. Making its name as a proven cod and yellow belly bait in Victoria’s fresh water scene as a 105mm lure it wasn’t going to take too long before a new micro size was to be released to target smaller species such as bream, jacks and bass in the estuary and impoundment fisheries.

The 45 swims much the same as any of the other sizes. It still has the ability to dive deep with great buoyancy and live up to its namesake and avoid getting snagged. This is a great advantage when targeting bass, jacks and bream as they are all species that require you to send your lure into the unknown timbres below the waters surface. The 45 has a slightly tighter and more aggressive action than that of the larger models and this is an asset based on the species you would target it with. In regards to distance it casts very well for its length but is a flat and rotund lure so accuracy is not its strongest feature. The ability to use this lure as a cast and retrieve bait or to troll it at speeds of 5 knots and beyond make it very versatile lure.


I worked the Stumpjumper with a slow retrieve and short sharp jerks over various structure and let it slowly rise before repeating. This was enough to tempt a wily bass from its timbre home. The 45 can be worked with hard and fast cranks and long pauses in more open sections of water or retrieved at speed when fishing river mouths and inshore bays with greater depth.  The best part about the Stumpjumper is its price. This is a very well priced lure for its performance, great build and extensive colour range. You will fill confident throwing a lure this snag proof and this inexpensive into the nastiest of snaggy homes and this confidence will only yield you more fish.



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