Poppers are one of those lures that if not produced correctly with appropriate fore and aft balance, a great cupped face that will visually and sonically attract fish and an all round great design, will make it very hard for the angler to replicate a fleeing bait fish. Many try and get it wrong, but Jackall have succeeded with the Sk-Pop Grande. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it should be no secret that everything Jackall make is just awesome!


They have produced some of the world’s most successful lures and they work all over the globe on a multitude of species. I had the pleasure of recently testing the Sk-Pop Grande on the Noosa River and it proved itself to be an excellent lure. At 66mm and 8.8g this lure has outstanding casting distance and its length makes it a versatile lure for numerous species. It can be swum in a variety of ways from small continuous pops to pause and pops and can also be walked.

The cupped face provides a moderate splash and a mid pitched rattle. This allows you to cause attention without spooking every fish in the general area. Tarpon were the target species on the day of testing as they were busting up the water everywhere. Small continuous pops was the technique that worked best when targeting the finicky tarpon and solid hook ups on a tarpon off the surface is a testament to how sharp the trebles are. The inclusion of a feathered rear treble is a valuable addition that provides a more realistic swim action. The mould is of very strong and durable construction with detailed engravings and a durable paint job that is resilient to teeth.

The Sk-Pop Grande comes in a great range of colours and a black version would be a welcome edition. This is a lure that while not cheap is worth every cent due to its durability, excellent action, great design and the fact it catches fish.





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