The Gan Craft Uo Jya is something a little different to the average squid jig and the only similarity is the body shape and barbed prongs; it has no cloth covering and is instead finished much like a standard hard bodied lure, it has no feathers acting as wings and aesthetically it resembles a fish rather than a prawn.


The first thing I noticed about Uo Jya was the attention to the smallest details; it’s finished beautifully in every way. The barbs are a wide gape, largely spread and ultra sharp which amounts to a better hook up rate. I was given three different coloured Uo Jya and two different finishes, the red and orange were finished in a matt and slightly rough powder coat while the pilchard colour was finished in an ultra smooth high reflective gloss. The difference in feel between Uo Jya and a standard cloth jig is instantly noticeable, it performs differently due to its smooth shape and finish with the action faster and more aggressive with less effort on the anglers behalf!


I must admit I spent most of the day using the pilchard colour as it had such a huge point of difference and it landed ten squid while the other colours over a few days of testing did great too. The Uo Jya upon an aggressive jerk will stay lower in the water column and dart from side to side rather than come straight up. It’s best to spend some time in shallow clear water to adjust your technique and get Uo Jya working to it’s full potential, you will soon see the differences in it’s performance. Uo Jya comes in two sink rates of slow and fast sink. The fast sink model allows you to fish deeper waters. Uo Jya is an excellent and innovative product; it’s fun to use, extremely effective in catching squid and will add a new element and technique to your fishing.



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