The GULP Minnow is an ideal plastic for both beginners and experts alike. Its ability to perform in multiple scenarios makes it the superior plastic for those not wanting an overly cluttered tackle bag. The simple yet effective design has ensured it has long been a favourite in the plastic fishing market and used by many tournament bream anglers and recreational fishermen chasing a range of bread and butter species. Recently I have been using this particular model very effectively while rock fishing for mixed species including dart, bream and trevally.


Casting: This plastic is ideal for rock fishing, far more so than some of its slimmer profiled counterparts. The rather bulbous head allows for relatively heavy jig heads (1/4th and 1/8th) to be used with no concern over natural appearance. These heavier weights are required in many rock fishing environs due to heavier currents and swells.


Action: The grub like tail is a firm stand out on this plastic when it comes to fishing the rocks. In calmer waters where action needs to be imparted into a plastic both minnows and grubs serve an equally important place. However, the large grub tail present on the GULP minnow grub ensures immediate action from the moment the lure hits the water. This proves irresistible for many hit and run pelagics such as tailor and trevally. If the lure makes it further down the water column, bream, who will be scouring the bottom in search of prey that has come loose from the rocks will find them equally as desirable. By utilising a Nitro jig head the tail should stand relatively vertical presenting a delicious wavering morsel for any passing scavengers.


Durability: While the GULP Minnow shrimp may suffer under the ravages of toothier species such as Tailor, what plastic doesn’t! Within realistic expectations each GULP should hold up to several fish. Any angler who doesn’t like this conversion rate needs to question his priorities! I would prefer a life like texture and appearance that needs to be retired after a few fish (which means they are working) than an indestructible piece of rubber. For those of like mind the fact that these lures are also 100% bio degradable is also food for thought when considering future fishing generations.


Finish & “Flavour”:  The colour range is great with many natural colours (my favourite) on offer. The lures do of course feature the always famous GULP scent. No some anglers suggest that fishing GULP is the same as bait fishing. I disagree. I feel it is superior by far,  taking the best of bait and the best of plastics and combining them.  Not only do you have a scented offering (which encourages fish in my opinion to strike again and again) but one you can impart a life like action into. Much more attractive to a predatory fish than a piece of “servo prawn” drifting on the bottom.


Conclusion:  Plastics have become highly specialised, high tech fishing utensils. However if you want a lure that serves several purposes for the tackle bag, the GULP Minnow Grub should be high on your list.



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